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You Have Fruit Flies!!
The longer they stay - the more you'll suffer!
Our proven "do it yourself fruit fly trap" is guaranteed to kill bugs dead... . ..

.. . .. I know, You're SICK of trying to kill fruit flies while they cast war on your kitchen, fruits, and beverages you leave around your home. . . . .

. . ... Want to get rid of them all tonight?

You're here because they are probably invading your space RIGHT NOW!

I was sick of it too!!

In fact, I had NO CLUE why these flies were in my house, but could see them multiply rapidly and knew I had a huge issue on my hands....and I'm talking hundreds of new ones daily... I needed a solution to get rid of them - ASAP!


The good news is - you're about to learn how to bypass my 3 MONTHS of agony, trying product after product, and fix your problem in the next 4 HOURS using my natural fruit fly trap instead!


Yuck!! They're back!!

Who knows why...


or where they crawled in...

... They are just little tiny flies right?

WRONG! THEY ARE GROSS & CAN MULTIPLY x 1000 DAILY!!!!!!! LOOK at what one looks like up close:

You can only swat at them for so long before they start to drive you nuts! Invade your foods, make you lose your appetite...

You can't invite company over, or a date, or anyone you're trying to impress because the moment they see you have a fruit fly brigade multiplying in your castle, it's rather hard to think about much else.




- Fruit flies are attracted to ANYTHING THAT IS FERMENTING! This includes fruits, vegetables, alcohol, and anything that is decaying. Even mold on a piece of bread will attract them.

- Fruit flies multiply quicker than most bugs - to be exact, they reproduce at a rate of 30 hours, and can breed anywhere from 500 to 1000 eggs at a time. I know, pretty gross huh?

- Most people seem to think that you can get rid of fruit flies by simply swatting them dead, or by getting rid of the fruit on the kitchen counter. These are only myths, and before you know it, they'll be back - probably twice as strong in numbers AND in immunity.

- Like any problem in life, you need to find the source of the problem to really fix it. Otherwise you're only finding a temporary solution for now, and will deal with the problem again sooner than later. Don't you want to get rid of it for good? I'm going to show you EXACTLY how without having to buy pesticides, ready made traps, or special sprays of any kind that are harmful to the planet and to your kids/pets...

.. . . You're probably thinking......
" So.. . . How do I Get Rid Of Fruit Flies"
.. . ..In Less Than 4 Hours.. ...

I wasn't going to let these little buggers (no pun) ruin my life any longer!
I finally had enough!

At first there was only a few around, so I thought it wasn't a big problem.

I figured they were around because a piece of food or fruit was lingering somewhere behind the fridge or stove, and that they would go away shortly.. ....

. .. silly move on my behalf, within a week they must have laid thousands of eggs, and reproduced countless amounts of times.

At one point I remember coming home from work...

.. . ... and as I unlocked my door, exhausted, almost falling into my apartment, I felt something quickly end up on the roof of my mouth.. .. ... my gut instinct told me to spit it out - I did - yep you guessed it, I almost swallowed one of these nasty lil' guys alive.. . .

.. right then and there I told myself I'm not sleeping, eating, or doing anything else until I figure out a way to permanently ELIMINATE fruit flies from my life...

Well it didn't work that first night... it took a lot of trial and error, and a small battle ensued between me vs 'Team FF' (as I called them) About 13 experiments and a few months later, team FF was winning against me 13-0, and at exactly 7:13am (I know because my alarm would usually be going off to wake me up, but here I was still awake, from spending literally the WHOLE NIGHT playing 'exterminator'), I finally noticed a certain combination of elements starting to work, and work like a charm!

I spent the next few hours starring at my new fruit fly catcher... watching it attract, trap, and eliminate EVERY SINGLE FRUIT FLY IN MY HOME!!

It was like... .. . I created a congo line right into my invention for these fruit flies that was simply irresistible for them not to be a part of!! THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO KILL FRUIT FLIES, BY FAR!

It might sound corny, but I was laughing and almost feeling bad for the little critters... Fruit flies or not, I do have a heart, but boy oh boy was I GLAD THAT SOMETHING WAS WORKING!! Finally I was starting to get rid of fruit flies by the hundreds!!!

Within DAYS, 100% of the fruit flies were GONE! I quickly gathered all my research again and made a quick to do list to make SURE that they don't come back this time...

over a year has gone by, and I don't have ONE fruit fly in my home, and don't plan to ever again! If I do though, I'll have those guys captured and eliminated within hours every time!

So I decided to share my find with a few friends who I remember having similar problems a few months later, and to my surprise, they followed my instructions EXACTLY as I wrote them, and within a few days BOTH of their kitchens and homes were free from fruit fly problems once and for all too!

Now every time they even see a few, they simply re-use my home-made fruit fly killers and BAM....

- bye bye Mr. Fruit fly......

I started to think that this would be a GREAT idea to market on a mass scale, and build pre-made fruit fly catchers, and patent the idea to sell to the wal-marts of the world because in my research nothing like this really exists... . . ... ..

.. .. then I thought about all the start up money, shipping/handling, marketing, competition, and huge head-aches that would go with a business like that. ...

. . and then, I thought:

"nah, I can do better, hmm, in fact why don't I just make an online version, and teach people how to make their own fruit fly catchers instead of selling and sending them one!". I think everyone should know how to trap fruit flies without having to order pre-made kits and wait or see it not work long term...

So my good friend helped me get this web site you're looking at together where I could compile my research into a great package that's easy to follow for everyone... ...

... .. and the 'ELIMINATEFRUITFLIES.COM' program was born!

I need to help you NOW!!!!!!!!

not later,

not tomorrow..

because let's face it... . ..would you order something to kill fruit flies, only to have to wait 4-6 days or weeks before it's delivered? Probably not, the fruit flies might be gone by then, or have multiplied so much that you need to call a real exterminator, and move out of your home for a day or two while they operate.

I've written, photographed, and compiled the BEST, QUICKEST, AND EASIEST step by step system on the planet, on how to eliminate fruit flies....
... in under 4 hours
. ..

.. and I did it with step by step, easy to understand visually aided instructions.


So no shipping, no handling, and you will learn how to build one of these yourself in under 20 minutes from now without buying any extra expensive gadgets, poisons, or sprays... just a great remedy eliminating fruit flies forever, using my 100% guaranteed fool proof system.

What You'll Learn about killing fruit flies:

*'STEP-BY-STEP HOW TO' guide for building your home made fruit fly catcher

*Where do fruit flies come from?

*How to prevent fruit flies from coming back

*5 uncommon places that fruit flies breed

*How fruit flies are an essential part of our medical world

*Learn why spray for fruit flies does not work!

*Fruit Fly kits online are nothing but a band-aid.. . . ... . .

* . . .. .. ...
*.. . . . .... .. ...

^ I can't show you those last few, because only those that buy should see it...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to buy anything else once I get this?

A: NOPE! Our package will teach you how to make your own innovative and FOOL PROOF fruit fly killer without having to go out and buy anything else. Most of these items will be found in your home, and this applies to any country you may live in.

Q: Isn't there free information all over the net for this?

A: YES. I should know, I searched, read, and tried it ALL. Some of the stuff actually worked OK. However NONE of the stuff I found online (and I'm rather savvy) had a LONG TERM solution. All of them were simple band-aids, and within a few days the bugs were back!!

That's kind of the whole point of me making this, so you don't have to read 30 web sites and try 15 different stupid remedies only to find that you did it wrong, or it didn't work for whatever reason like they said it should... forget all that - you will NOT FIND THIS INFO ANYWHERE!

I also go into details on how to both prevent, and stay fruit fly free forever doing simple things throughout your kitchen and home.

Q: Will I be using any harmful chemicals or stuff that my kids/pets can get at?

A: I knew you would ask!! My methods are 100% child proof, and pet proof! ON TOP OF THAT, I employ a few safety tips and tricks so that you don't even have to watch the fruit flies get collected, you simply set it up, hide it, and check on it the next day without your kids or pets even knowing where or what it is!

It's rather odorless, colorless, uses elements that your body absorbs anyway, and is 100% safe for the environment. You can't get a solution that's better OR safer than this, and it works within it's first few minutes of being setup!

Q: What if I'm not satisfied? Can I get my money back?

A: Yep!! I STRONGLY stand behind my product, I know how much this means to you, to get rid of this pesky problem... so I made sure that I could offer a 60 day FULL refund policy. If for ANY reason, when you follow my step-by-step instructions, you are not happy with the results - I demand that you let me give you a refund for the full purchase price straight from my bank account into yours, with nothing more than one simple email. Fair enough?

All I ask is that you give this an honest attempt, and you FOLLOW my simple instructions.

Skeptical? Let Me Reasure You...

I've BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!! I know what it's like to try to live with this infestation, and I've helped countless amounts of people deal with this problem first hand.

We have an extremely high customer satisfaction rate - because at the end of the day, the most important thing to accomplish here is to GET RID OF FRUIT FLIES, AND WITH MY HELP YOU'LL DO JUST THAT!

It's quite easy to implement this whole process too - I made sure of that because I KNOW you just want to get back to your life - so it's 3 simple steps, and about 20 minutes of your time today - that's it. No hidden agenda's, no upsells, no buying crap you don't need....

If that's what you're looking for, then don't visit any other sites, simply employ the steps below and I guarantee your problem will be gone!

Again, I guarantee it.

EliminateFruitFlies.com is 100% Guaranteed to work or you get your money back!

I'm so confident that our solution will work as well for you as it did for me, that I'm giving you an unconditional sixty day money back guarantee.

If you don't get rid of your fruit flies, you get a full refund immediately with one simple email.

Now that you know there is nothing to lose, don't both with anything else, please, you'll thank me! Not only is this a risk-free offer, but it literally starts to work within moments of following our steps.

Stop letting fruit flies ruin your life, and take advantage of this guaranteed offer right now.

So there - you have a full risk-free opportunity here, if it doesn't work, I'll give you a full refund right from my personal bank account back to yours.

If it does work though (like it has for thousands of others), promise me you'll at least tell TWO people about our website (EliminateFruitFlies.com), and get them to grab a copy with confidence!

It's time to make a decision.

Either you keep searching for that perfect pro flytrap/fly catcher or other device that you can order online and wait to get in the mail (as the fruit fly epidemic in your life multiplies)... .. . and you can try all the free suggestions online for days/weeks/months with dismal results like I had... . .

. .. .. . OR . . . .

. . . You can finally just DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME! .... ... ...and not fumble with these pesky fruit flies anymore.

Get rid of them for good and don't look back.

Know that you're getting info and a package that WORKS, and is being given to you by somebody that has MORE than researched the topic, and probably gone through the fruit fly disaster in a much bigger way than anyone out there...

Don't prolong the infestation! Download your fruit fly killer package now!!


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PS: I know, it SUCKS! It's not a problem you anticipated, and it's not something you get taught in school... Don't feel ashamed or silly that you're seeking a solution to this problem online. We've proven (a few thousand times now) with countless customers that there is a NEED for a simple home-based solution to this problem.

You can keep trying the same things you've been trying, and keep getting the same fruity results... . ... .. . Or. . . ... for less than the price of a trip to the convenience store, you can have your life back!
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PPS: It's almost like when you have a pain in your body, you wonder "What does it feel like to be pain free, I can't wait until I don't feel this anymore"... Here you start to think "How great was my life without these little buggers? I don't remember how or when they even got here, but I'm sure as heck going to remember that feeling again - soon!"

Don't do what I did, don't spend a few months, countless hours, dollars, and all nighter's trying to get rid of something as stupid as fruit flies.

You have a life to live, and probably a busy one at that - imagine how great it's going to feel to come home tomorrow, and see ALL your fruit fly problems LITERALLY disappear?! Oh yeah, it's that good, and that fast! Please Don't Wait, It's Gross, And It Can be Gone 4 HOURS From Now - Start Your Download Here Now >>


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